Interview Tips For Costco

Interview and application tips for Costco:


When you begin searching for positions at Costco, you will want to be prepared for what’s next. This is true regardless of whether you are seeking hourly, salary, part or full time, or professional positions. No matter where you start, you may have opportunities for advancement, so be open to the idea in the future. Costco being a retailer, you want to make sure that you illustrate an eye for cleanliness and merchandising, a powerful drive for customer service, attention to detail, and the ability to multitask. In the retail industry, attention to detail and customer service is a must! Here are a few tips on how you can optimize your Costco application and the interview process. Good luck!

Apply For Your Local Area Online


Make sure you sign up for an account with information that you won’t forget. Many online applications have a 24 hour deadline to complete, or they reset and you have to start it all over again.

You will be required on your application to select which position it is that you intend to apply for. You may also be asked what your hours of availability are, so know that information beforehand. If you are given the option to apply to more than one position, go ahead while you have the information handy, and while the application is active.

Fill out the application completely after you start it. Don’t leave parts of the application blank as this reflects negatively on you.

Answer all personal questions in a professional manner with proper usage of English and grammar.

You will likely be prompted to upload your resume and/or manually enter the information from it into the application. It is always best to do both of these methods so that you ensure the information translates and is easy to read. Also, this shows the person reviewing your Costco application that you completed it in detail and did not slack off on the redundant part of the application.

If the location that you are applying to is local, you may consider making an appearance once you have submitted the application and introducing yourself to a manager. Don’t make a pest of yourself, but one follow up visit or phone call is okay.

You may be required to prove that you are eligible to work in the U.S. and that you are over 18 or have a work permit available. Make sure that you have this documentation handy when you apply for a Costco position in case the information is needed on the application, during follow up, or in the happy event that you get called back quickly.


Costco is a retail environment which means that you will be the face of the company when customers come in. This means that you should present yourself in a neatly kempt, clean and orderly fashion. Be professional at all times.

If you are applying for a corporate or business position, dress to impress. Dress modestly and professionally, without going overboard. You do want to appear that you are ready for the position, but you do not have to try too hard to impress managers. You should be able to impress them by being yourself and if you are the right fit for the position, they will tell you.

Take some time to learn about Costco as a company. Learn about their history and what makes them great as a company. You want to be prepared, and background knowledge of the company will help you be as prepared as possible when you start out.

Take copies of your resume, cover letter, letters of recommendation, and any awards and honors that may be applicable with you to your interview. You shouldn’t have to flaunt the information, but it may help to have it handy should the interviewer ask for proof of your qualifications.

If you like, follow up on your interview with a thank you note. Even if you have not received an offer, this is a great way to let the interviewer know that you appreciate them taking the time to look over your qualifications and consider you for the position. Remember, interviewers are often managers of store locations which mean that they take time out of their busy schedules to interview you.

Stay on track with the conversation during the interview. Don’t ask too many questions about benefits, pay, etc. and what you will get out of the job. Make sure you spend more time explaining what you will be offering to the job. Also, try to avoid moving into personal waters. Sure, the manager’s children are adorable and the picture at Disney Land is great, but you are there for a reason. A small compliment at the beginning or end of the interview would be best.

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