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What types of jobs are available at Costco?


Costco prides itself on hiring a diverse group of people to make their stores ultimately successful and pleasant for both customers and employees. Working at Costco is a great way to start off in the retail industry and gain knowledge and experience that will go far should you decide to move up in the company. Similarly, if you already have retail experience, Costco may allow you the opportunity to advance in a new area. You may find that Costco will help you gain the knowledge and experience you need to move forward and advance your horizons, no matter where they may be.

There are many jobs available at Costco beginning with hourly positions up to management, corporate, and international jobs. No matter what your level of experience, training or education, you can find a great opportunity at Costco. Don’t miss out on a great chance to find a great job near you! Fill out your Costco application today!

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The primary Costco job opportunities include:

Costco has retail stores all over the United States, and in international markets so diversity is a must. As a Costco employee, you will be tasked with providing exemplary customer service, showing your knowledge and creativity, and being a part of a team of wonderful people from all walks of life. Costco has high standards for its employees but offers a fair and diverse workplace promoting only the best in teamwork and training. Everyone will feel like family at Costco!

Retail Associate:

There are various departments at Costco, so you may find yourself working as an associate in any number of them. You may choose from departments such as the bakery, automotive, electronics, food, photo lab, and more. Retail associates who engage customers day to day are the backbone of a good retailer. Costco knows this and prides itself on finding great people to give great service every day.

Professional Positions:

For individuals with professional licenses who are looking to gain employment and build experience, Costco may be a great fit. Opticians can work in the optical department helping customers find great eye solutions. Audiologists may be able to work with those hard of hearing in the hearing aid center. And pharmacists may find great opportunities in the pharmacy at Costco.  There are also professional positions available at the regional and divisional level.


Management at Costco is diverse as well. The website doesn’t give much information about the specific management functions, however in retail, most management positions are similar, so one can anticipate a fast paced environment with varying responsibilities depending upon the store, higher managers, and level of knowledge, education and experience. Managers are often required to ‘wear many hats’ meaning that they must be able to master several tasks and responsibilities at any given time.

Home and Regional Job Opportunities:

Costco has many job opportunities at the Home Office and regional locations. These positions may include: accounting, administration, communications, construction, food service, graphics design, human resources, legal, marketing, merchandising, payroll, purchasing, real estate, safety, taxes, traffic, training, and much more. These positions may require a higher level of education and experience than lower level positions. These are attainable goals however. Many people employed at this level are ‘homegrown’ meaning that they started in stores and have worked their way through the company to get where they are.

No matter what level position you are looking for, Costco has something for you! Your first step will be filling out your Costco job application online and getting on the right track to success. Remember, if you have questions along the way, you may be able to find answers at your local Costco retailer where you hope to be employed.

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