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Management opportunities at Costco:


There are various levels of manager at Costco. Most management positions require a great deal of attention to detail, the ability to multitask, and a high standard of quality and ethics. Management may be among the highest level of authority in a Costco store; however these individuals did not get to those levels overnight. Becoming a manager requires hard work, dedication, and a lot of patience with those around you. To be an effective manager, you must also be willing to submit to the standards and mission of Costco, and be willing to support and defend it in the workplace. When you fill out your Costco application, if you are applying for a management position, make sure that you understand which management position you are interested in and submit your resume to the appropriate email address provided.

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Each of the different management positions at Costco are designed to incorporate a high level of responsibility while encouraging learning and advancement both personally and professionally. Managers at Costco are given the basic tools and training that they need to be effective leaders in the retail industry. Below will be a summary of some of the levels of management and the responsibilities that come along with them:

Department Manager:

A department manager position at Costco may require you to be able to run an entire department with staff with little supervision. You will still report to higher levels of authority and will be responsible for daily tasks. You may also be tasked with meeting goals, setting high standards, and being able to deal with multiple tasks at the same time. Your level of responsibility in this position is a great first step into the world of management and should be taken seriously. You may find yourself a department manager of any number of departments including: bakery, food departments, automotive, electronics, and professional departments with specific guidelines.

Assistant Manager:

The assistant manager position is a lesser supervised position which continues the responsibilities of the department manager only with added duties and supervisory responsibilities. Often, the assistant manager is responsible for ensuring quality customer satisfaction, employee and customer safety, and maintaining operations while the store manager is away from his or her role. This position may also add the responsibilities of addressing training and staffing complaints and concerns, working with other members of management in compiling reports, and continuing to ensure quality by assisting in job performance evaluations, overseeing loss prevention, and more. In a step toward understanding the many roles of a store manager, the assistant manager may also work with the store manager during times of hiring and terminating employees. The role of assistant manager is extremely important because while it is between levels of responsibility and allows adequate time for training and efficiency, it provides a great look into management roles before you move forward with advancement.

Store Manager:

: The store manager is in direct control over day to day operations and procedures of Costco stores. This level of management handles the primary hiring and termination procedures, oversees financial accounts and accountability including loss prevention, and manages meeting, and striving to exceeding, targeted goals for that store and as a whole company. Store managers are often tasked with being strong leaders and examples in these areas. It is also the responsibility of store managers to motivate employees and ensure that all staff understands their roles and is equipped to perform them. Store managers generally have mastered many of the fundamental skills and traits that are necessary to run a successful business, and are vital players in the retail industry.

Regional or Professional Manager:

Regional or professional managers may be tasked with many of the same fundamental responsibilities as lower levels of management only with Added responsibilities. For regional managers the added responsibility may be several individual stores for which they are accountable. For professional managers such as in pharmacy, the responsibilities may include maintaining a working department and staff in a professional, highly trained environment. Regional managers will also work closely with store managers to drive goals and success of the store and the company. If issues arise, regional managers will often be brought in to provide support or disciplinary action. The same may be true of professional managers as they often have many of the same responsibilities as a store manager, only with a more requirements and liabilities.

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