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Costco is a popular retailer offering great products at great prices. Not only does Costco feature retail centers, there are also warehouse club operations in eight countries around the world. The goal of Costco is to keep a family atmosphere in a company that is going global. Family and community are two of the primary fundamental features that employees of Costco can enjoy. Costco has something for everyone! Starting your Costco application process will open a number of doors with a company that prides itself in taking care of its employees.  If you are looking to start or move your career into the retail industry and you want to begin your journey with a company that is grounded in success, excellence and a commitment to their employees, then Costco is the company for you!

To begin your journey, there are a number of key tools, and helpful websites that you can utilize to optimize your chances for a gaining employment. The application process is the first important step in your journey toward success and you should start and end the process confidant and sure of where you want your Costco job application to take you. Making sure you take the right steps during this whole process will ensure you get the job you want. Here is a summary of some of the best tips and tricks to help you as you work on submitting your Costco application. Why not get off to a great start?

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The Application:

Costco has an excellent career system in place through their website It is through this main site that you will find your Costco job application plus a plethora of other helpful information. The site career center redirects you to the appropriate job site including an impressive source of information, opportunities, company information, and much more. There are various links provided throughout the website that offer you a great chance to explore all that Costco has to offer.

Costco is more than just another retailer, and they have job opportunities for people of all shapes, sizes, and ages.  Submitting your Costco application online will start you on your way to the opportunity for positions located close to you. This is a great tool for determining which jobs interests you, as well as where they are located before you go through the entire application process. You will find links to Costco’s E-verify requirements, their welcome for veterans, links to their warehouse and other positions, and more to get you started on your way. Before you submit your application you should know that Costco has different email addresses and links for their positions in management roles and licensed professions such as opticians, audiologists, and pharmacists.

Once you are ready to submit your Costco application through the website you will be directed to another page to begin your job journey. The first thing you will do is enter some basic location information into the system and begin matching jobs near you. There is also a quick list at the bottom of the screen for popular and new locations. Once you enter this information you will be directed to a page showing the positions that may be available at Costco. There is a disclaimer that should be noted which states that those positions may not be actually available in all areas. There will be job descriptions available as well as the appropriate instructions for completing an application. Once you create an application, you may use sign-in information to re login at a later time.

Age Requirements:

Labor laws vary by state in the United States, and may be different in international locations. Most Costco stores allow employment at the age of 18; if you are younger than 18 check with your desired employment location prior to submitting your Costco application online.

Application Review and Interview:

The online applications are created in a very user friendly manner. Navigating the sites and links to the Costco application is easy. To help you achieve the ultimate success, here is a basic run down on what you can expect in the follow up process after your application has been received:

For retail locations, your application may be submitted to a queue that the manager can explore, reject, or move into another queue for interesting candidates. Sometimes managers of various departments will aid in the application review process. Most of the time, the individual strategy for hiring will depend on the managers preferences. Once your application has been reviewed, an interview may be the next step. Most retail companies like Costco conduct one to two interviews depending on the opening and requirements. Once these steps are completed, you may be on your way to an offer! Be ready and excited!

For professional, headquarters, or regional positions, your application may be reviewed by various managers or human resource officers. Costco has different email addresses for these positions for resumes meaning they take applicants very seriously, and expect their requirements and expertise to be taken seriously. Once you get to this level, professionalism is a must! Be sure to answer phone calls if they come from managers looking to set up appointments. Be polite, and should you have to reschedule an interview or phone call, do so promptly and efficiently so you don’t inconvenience the interviewer.

In order to work at Costco, you may be required to consent to a background and drug test before a final offer is made. If you are not willing to consent, be sure to discuss this with managers beforehand. Don’t waste their time.

Apply For Your Local Area Online

Available Job Opportunities:

Costco is a diverse company with a wide variety of locations and job opportunities including hourly, salary, part time and full time. There is always room for advancement at Costco, so be ready for a great start! Job opportunities include the following:

Retail Associate of various departments including bakery, photo, pharmacy, electronics, food service, tires, etc.

Inventory Associate




Costco prides itself on hiring the best workers to maintain a positive environment and customer friendly place to be. Costco is veteran friendly, and offers excellent job opportunities for people from all walks of life, level of education, background, sex, and ethnicity. If you feel that you are up for a challenging and exciting new career, submit a Costco job application now!

Professional Job Opportunities:

Costco has professional careers available in administration, accounting, law, human resources, information technology, and more. These careers are primarily available at regional and home offices and may require a balance of education and experience for opportunities to be available. You can find much information about these positions through the links available at


Costco has stores around the United States and in eight international countries. Costco may not be the largest retailer on the planet, but they have remained a top leader in integrity and excellence, and are proud to be considered one of Washington CEO Magazine’s Top Three companies to work for in Washington State where the company originates.

Store Hours:

Depending on your geographic location, your Costco hours will vary. Many Costco locations are open from 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, 8:00a.m. – 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, and 10:00-6:00 p.m. on Sundays. It is always best to check your local Costco for exact hours and changes in store hours.

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